Clubhouse Reservations / Use Guidelines

To reserve the clubhouse, please see your Red Rock portal.

Rules & Regulations


 1. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the gym, clubhouse or pool unattended without an adult resident present.


 2. No pets are allowed in any of the facilities.


3. No wet bathing suits allowed in the clubhouse or gym.


 4. A Grace Ridge adult resident must accompany a guest(s) at the clubhouse, gym or pool.


 5. The clubhouse can be reserved for private parties, gatherings, etc. by residents.  For more on the particulars, see below under (Reserving the Clubhouse).


 6. You need to know that the pool cannot be solely reserved for private pool parties. The pool must always be available to Grace Ridge residents.


 7. If you plan to let your clubhouse reservation guests use the pool during your party, you must abide by the guest policy as outlined in the pool rules (two (2) guests per adult resident and one (1) guest per child) all days of the week.
 8. Please be courteous and sensitive to the rights of other residents who are using the pool at the time of your function (for example, you wouldn't want your guests to monopolize the pool area, disturbing residents). We will continue to have this privilege of guest use as long as it isn't abused.

 9. If you have reserved the clubhouse but find you cannot keep your reservation, PLEASE inform Red Rock Management at



Reserving the Clubhouse

(2815 Grace Church Road Salisbury NC 28147)


The Clubhouse serves as a place that residents can hold their personal functions. Use of The Clubhouse for commercial purpose is prohibited, unless pre-approved by the GRHOA Board of Directors.  Access to The Clubhouse is only obtained by those residents who have a scheduled reservation (Anything other than this is considered trespassing). Experience has taught us that this is the best way to protect and preserve the clubhouse, its contents, and the residents themselves.

Your dues must be current and you must have an electronic key to reserve the clubhouse.

Clubhouse reservations will not be made before 8:00am. All reservations will end no later than 10:00pm and you must be out by 10:00pm sharp.  No exceptions without board approval. Use of the Clubhouse overnight is not permitted.



Following is the procedure a resident should follow to reserve the clubhouse:


      1. Check the calendar for open dates. 


      2. Fill out the following form and submit. Come back to the Calendar 48 hours after submission. If your reservation is posted it has been confirmed. If it has not been posted within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) then contact Red Rock Management at Only one reservation will be scheduled per day.

      3. Upon arrival the 1st thing you must do is fill out the form stating the condition you found The Clubhouse in. This is to advise The Board of any cleaning issues you had to deal with or any maintenance issues that need addressed. To keep our HOA fees down we do not hire cleaning people, it is up to each of us to keep The Clubhouse clean. Unfortunately we have residence in the community who are not cleaning up after themselves. By filling out the form we can address this issue.    


      4. Leave the clubhouse clean, follow the cleaning check list provided. Do not use tape, pins, glue dot, etc. on the walls. It ruins the paint job.


      5. Lock the door to bathrooms from clubhouse side and lock front door upon leaving.